Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | Exhibition

Japanese Pop Collage Artist Yoh Nagao "Wonder Colors" Solo Exhibition at Casa de la Cultura in Cancun, Mexico

Nagao is pleased to announce his very special art exhibtion at Casa de Cultura in Cancun.

At this exhibition “Wonder Colors”, Nagao is showing his art works made with photo collage and painting. They are collected from his 4 weeks traveling in Mexico, he has visited more than 50 spots, whole travel distance is more than 5200km. Nagao used many of colors in his art . Mexico is color-developped country for him. This art project and exhibition “Wonder Colors in Mexico” is trigged by the big curious of the colors, which is absolutely visually and sensual but universal language.

Exhibition Poster
2 months and half since I flew to Mexico from Berlin, I ended up my project with such amazing exhibition at Casa de la Cultura Cancun.
Architect Sergio Romero from Estudio Creativo Cancun
My speech
my very first tap cutting

Opening was really amazing. so many people came over and I have been asked to taking photos photos photos.


Here I show all the sponsors and supporters.
Project coordinate and host
Architect Sergio Romero

Photo copy: Cobá93
Acrylic paint: Pinturas Acuario Oficial
Poster: TakeOne Publicidad
Advertisement/Graphic Design: EstudioWikka

Special thanks to
Saburo Sugiyama, Professor of Arizona State University
Motoi Suzuki, Associate professor at Osaka National Museum of Ethology

Project hashtag #wondercolors_mx

Yoh Nagao

All the artworks are here on Facebook fanpage

I want to say big thank you to Artchtect/Director of estudio creativo cancunSergio Romero.
Without his tremendous support and effort, this project could not to be happened. Nagao truly thanks for him Muchas Gracias.

Aileen Samano, wife of Sergio, me and Sergio Romero

Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | 2nd half〜Production in Mexico

After recovering my fever from my traveling in Mexico, I started to collect materials.

Paint colors&Collage prints, they are main materials for me.
Huge support by my host architect Sergio Romeo, who is director of Estudio Creativo cancun, I luckily get sponsorship from Pinturas Acuario: local paint company and COBA 93: local copy shop.
I appreciate their big support.
Pintras Acuario Cancun
COBA 93 Copy shop
At the production, I created 20 basic common Mexican colors from my traveling. They are basic colors on my production.
Collage pieces are nearly 200copies prints from 4000photos.

This time I made this regulation that is using full of mexican materials as possible as I can. Because it's the challenge and experiment of effect of colors in mexico, as I have been seeing those usage of color and it's being part of their life.
And people in here is so friendly and nice, helpful and open. I want my art to be something like that.
Loteria mexican bingo
Work in production
Painting typical mayam artwork
Work in production

I made one big piece, which is influenced by a mural in Teotehuacan. 6 abstract pieces from all the color and photo inspiration. And another 6 small piece made with Loteria card materials.
I enjoyed this production and concept.

During such tight schedule, I was working 9am -12am almost everyday.
Every time I tried new, I learn a lot. nothing is the same.
Working hard is only the way to grow big.

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Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | 1st half〜Travel in Mexico

Since end of January, I have been in Mexico from my base city Berlin.
The time has come to move on my own art project I have been announcing through internet.

I have been to Mexico for two times before, one is SEAWALLS by PangeaSeed in 2014, another one is FIAP by WAD in 2015.
Through the residence and production of this two festival in Mexico, I was very impressed by the personality of mexican people and their strong reaction of colors I used.

Since then, I have gotten simple and pure wonder with it. How this sense of color were grown up? Maybe because of their personality has been welcoming the colors, or the colors have been creating the personality? or what??
I personally use lots of colors. make machie ru, difference in the same colors and gradation to express invisible atmosphere and sensitivity. Training and building up the skills everyday.

Along with the desire of pursuit of the color and big curious of republic of mexico and its huge land and culture, here I came to mexico for third times from Berlin.

During about a moth of traveling, I have visited to Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, Valladolid, Merida, Celestun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Izamal, Mexico city, Xochimilco, Teotihuacan, Guadalajara, Cascahuin, Oaxaca, San Augstin, San Cristobal de Las Sacas, San Chamula, Zinacatan
Hacienda, Cenotes, Flamingos, Tequila field and Factory, Mercados, Ruins, World Heritages, Museums, Churches and Art Fairs
Whole travel distance is more than 5200km, visited to more than 50 spots.

Now I'm back in Cancun from the traveling, then going to make art piece which is based on the photos I was taking and the typical and traditional colors which I have been seeing in the travel.
Additionally I'm going to collect materials from home of mexican people in Cancun. The materials will be paint colors, fabrics, magazines, cards and posters.

This project was triggered by the big curious of the colors, which is absolutely visually and sensual but universal language at the same time.
Here in Mexico, there is a lots of people with friendly character and warm heart. Look at this world, people getting more crazy, cold an closed.

Besides this experience, nowadays development of technology brings us tons of information through computer and smartphone. However I believe that the most important thing is real experience. People have to reach it, confront it and feel it. Otherwise things are just knowledge. We wouldn't gain anything important.
Such this desperate society we are in, this real experience is required at most in this world to make better.
I always believe in the art can change this world better. To accomplish it, my challenge thorough this art project in mexico will have really big meaning.

I'm posting pictures on Instagrams with hashtag #wondercolors_mx
This gonna be continues during production. so Please keep on following Yoh Nagao.

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Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | 前半〜国内旅行



ここで一つの疑問が浮かびました。もともと色彩が豊かなこの国メキシコの人柄がこのような色彩を生み出すのか、それともトロピカルでカラフルな自然がメキシコ人の人柄を作るのか ‥。


約一ヶ月に渡る メキシコ国内旅行では、50以上の場所(街、美術館・博物館、教会、遺跡)へ訪れました。





ハッシュタグは #wondercolors_mx です。

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Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | English

Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico

Pursiut of colorfulness and culture | Berlin based Japanese Artist Yoh Nagao
February - April 2016


Idea of art project "Wonder Colors" in Mexico is originally from my experience in Mexico.
I have been feeling strong sympathy with sense of color from the people in there, especially using many of colors for mural and installation work at two times of art projects in Mexico, WALLS by Pangea Seed Foundation, and FIAP by World Art Destinations 2015. There was many of voices to my works and myself. Even I got lots of energy and pleasure from their respectfulness and appreciation about color. I have been wondering why they react on the color so particularly, any tradition, custom or taught?
And also I was very impressed by their personality which is open and friendly to the others, and very helpful to each other. 
I'm assuming that it has specific connection of their mind and personality structure with their sense of color and tradition. Therefore I decided to operate this art project [Color Dialogue in Mexico] in Mexico.
There is many of communication with more humanity and heart I have confronted in Mexico that many of us are missing nowadays, especially in this modern society in developing country where everything goes so fast.
I want to make special art pieces by the research and finding the source of inspiration from Mexico in the term of staying.


There is big concern I’m taking if we are really making success to perceive happiness, pleasure and harmony at development of human  such as accelerate of information, improvement of technology and economy supremacy on this planet.
I'm pursuing the expression of color to tell  the message of happiness and pressure which is abvousley getting faded in modern period. And also asking a question by using human figure as main motives and nature and animal to consider how are we supposed to be. 
I'm paying attention to those sensitivity which is fading away from us is still reminded in the color tradition and Mexican culture.
There are so many issues we are taking, natural disaster, war, energy, medical, food and etc. I’m feeling fear that human will be failed unless we don’t act anything immediately. 
In such desperate circumstance, I’m challenging to keep on asking a question of the issues through his art as essential urgent mission of mankind to save this world in our generation. Pursuing this mankind hope is regardlessly important action for us.

I definite the art is the tool to ask a question, reflect message and philosophy, also the art should be borderless and universal to touch many people as possible on this planet.


Approximately  2 months from February to March 2016 / 1-2weeks of research 4-5weeks of production

Research and record

Taking photo of place, nature, traditional goods, costume, food, animal, plantation, creature, human portrait and anything related Mexico
Taking video and collect goods as sample and reference

Research quote & mythology, Joining traditional festival, ritual, ceremony


Cancun, Merida in Yucatan region
Guadalajara Mexican culture(costume, music, festival), Tequila agriculture
Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas

Chiapas and Palenque and wherever specific tradition reminded


Art pieces is going to be based on the research and record as material and inspiration
Theme is heart and color, the expression can touch everybody in this planet universally
Collage work made with photographs taken in Mexico
Painting made with traditional colors, making color chart of traditional color

Place to work

Sergio Romero workshop in Cancun
Director of Instituto Superior de Estudios Creativos


Publishing to the world through SNS(Instagram, Facebook) everyday.
Planning exhibition and releasing art book of the art pieces and the record of research in Mexico.


Art&Culture Center in Cancun
Planning to have traveling exhibition through Mexico, Germany and Japan.

 Support Yoh Nagao

This project needs your support to accomplish the mission
Please feel free to contact Yoh Nagao if you are interested in being a supporter
Your support will be definitely reinforcement of Nagao's independent art activity

Through Internet, social network and print, your name will be written as supporter

of the project during the term
I'm planning to have traveling exhibition in Mexico, Germany and Japan

Contact to Yoh Nagao

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Wonder Colorsアートプロジェクトin Mexico | 日本語

Wonder Colorsアートプロジェクトin Mexico

長尾 洋|ベルリン在住愛知出身ポップコラージュアーティスト


今回のこの「Wonder Colorsアートプロジェクト」のアイデアはメキシコでの実際の体験をもとに生まれました。
普段の作品制作でもたくさんの色を使う私は、その色使いを特にラテン系の人々から強く賞賛されてきました。とくにメキシコでの2度のアートプロジェクト、壁画制作(SEA WALLS by Pangea Seed Foundation, 2014)と、紙飛行機を使ったインスタレーション(FIAP by World Art Destinations 2015)では、たくさんの色を使ったこともあり、熱狂的な反応をたくさんもらいました。その後も強い反響が続いており、メキシコには特別な親近感を感じていました。










カンクンにあるデザイン学校Instituto Superior de Estudios Creativosのディレクター:セルヒオ・ロメロ氏のアトリエ










長尾 洋
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Spain | Moments Festival 2015 Malaga 21st - 24th Oct 2015

Oct 2015, I was invited to Moments Festival Malaga, Spain.
I haven't been to spain several years, it was really nice to be back there.

2015年10月スペイン、マラガで開催されたMoments fesitivalに行ってきました!


Moments 2015

II MOMENTS Festival Málaga from stafmagazine on Vimeo.


Before entering to Andalucía, I stopped by Madrid from Berlin.
I was hanging out with Okuda, checked some museums and galleries. Actually I came to Madrid when I was art school student like 15years ago. And saw Picasso's Guernica then, of course it was amazing moment at that time, but honestly, I impressed even more because I was too young at first time, now I'm an artist, you know?
なんと15年前、名古屋造形大の学生時代の研修旅行でも同じ作品を見ましたが、もちろん当時はただの学生、ショックも若く、ぼんやり感動。 15年後にこうやって戻ってくることすら想像もしなかったのだから、今となってはとても感慨深いですね。

After visiting to Madrid, I arrived to Malaga by train.
My first Andalucía, Malaga, where Moments festival was held.

At the festival, I had exhibition with Tim Biskup, Roberto Rodoriguez Rodondo at the main space of the school, San Telmo art school.
Also had artist talk with them including Andrew Pollimar as well.

More than that, I did a special program by own, it's my very first collage work shop. I was so impressed with how much they are fascinated to participate.
And their are super talented. it was just amazing.
I have talked many tips at the creative production to take more advantage. Please do not forget them ;)

photography by La Trinchera Estudio

Thank you Moments Malaga. Adios!

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Yoh is looking for galleries, agents, productions or curators from all around the world to establish trusting and highly-motivating partnerships with, and extend his field of work further.

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